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iStickUp wall stickers are the longest lasting, most imaginative, and easy-to-use decals available anywhere.  Our gigantically fun theme room wall stickers are durable and will never damage your walls or leave any residue. It’s our promise that you, your family, or your students will love our wall stickers now and for years to come!

Featured Customer Reviews

Anna Lynne
5/5 Stars

LOVE the ocean theme

We got this for our daughter's nursery, and the sea critters are so engaging for her she loves them. Best part, we moved when she was almost 6 months old, and easily removed the decals, took them with us, and decorated her new room the same way, helping her feel at home in our new place. Super easy to use and great quality materials!

Van Tracy
Austin, US
5/5 Stars

Made my son's space-themed room the envy of all his friends (and his friend's Dads!)

I used istickup's space themed stickers to transform my son's room into an outspace dream. Those stickers combined with a some glow in the dark paints have made his room AMAZING! Not only do his 6-year old buddies think so, all the Dad's in the neighborhood are annoyed with me because now their kids want a room like that! :-)

Honestly, I'm a little envious. I wish I had a space room.

The stickers are VERY high quality. They are thicker than I expected (which is good) and have adheared to the wall very well. The detail is great. I would recommend without hesitation.

Bethany Hutchison
Mesa, US
5/5 Stars

Decals were perfect for gender neutral room!

Upon downsizing and moving into a new home, my children (boy and girl) gained bunk beds... and a shared room. I didn't have a lot of money to spend in order to decorate, and it was difficult to come up with ideas that both kids would like. I finally found these decals on "istickup" and painted some ocean waves on the wall around the room. When these arrived, the kids had a blast helping me stick them to the wall - and they LOVED the result, BOTH of them! We have since had to move furniture a couple of times in their room, and the decals easily peel off and retain their stickiness so we have simply been able to move them to another spot on the wall. Anyone who comes over to our house always comments on how great these look :) Thank you!

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