3 Simple Ways to Add a Summer Flair to Any Room

Brighten It Up!

Natural lighting not only saves energy costs but is a beautiful way to brighten and freshen any room. Make the most of your natural light by removing heavy curtains with busy designs that may have been installed during the winter season to keep the house warm. Choose summer curtains in light fabrics and cool colors. Pure cotton, net, and chiffon are some examples of good summery fabrics. Window blinds can be pulled up or temporarily taken down to let in more natural light. If privacy is a concern, sheers are fantastic at giving you some privacy while still letting in lots of light.

Wall Stickers and Decals

Add Some Color!

Great summer colors are light and airy with splashes of color. Try fresh color combinations of warm and cool tones such as honeysuckle, coral, and golden yellow set off by sailing blue or turquoise with sandy neutrals of grey and brown. As far as room accessories are concerned, try taking out dark or deep colors and fabrics like velvet pillows or wool throws. Don't worry! You can bring them back in when the weather changes. 

You can enliven beds, chairs, and couches by employing vibrant throws and colorful pillows and cushions. Many of our istickup™ themes are perfect for adding summer fun to bedrooms, bathrooms, and play areas. They are a great way to add color without adding clutter. Decorating with sea shells and flowers can also add a nice splash of summery texture and color.

Beach Wall Decals add color!

Make It Kid Friendly! 

During the summer, kids are out of school and that means they're around the house more. Try to use fabrics and slipcovers that are machine washable, casual, and fun. This is a good time to put away breakable accessories and display pieces. In their place, you can make and display summertime art pieces using seashells, pine cones, flowers, rocks, and other natural finds. istickup™ theme rooms also are great kid friendly decor. They clean easy, and are easy to put up and take down when the seasons, or your kids tastes change.

Mermaid Wall Stickers are kid friendly!


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