About iStickUps

What are istickup™s?

Simply put, istickup™s are the best wall stickers on the planet, guaranteed to brighten up and add a gigantic dose of fun to ANY ROOM—bedrooms, living rooms, nurseries, classrooms, and anywhere you are tired of boring, blank walls! istickup™s are easy to apply and fun to use—just peel and stick!

Printed on Phototex

PhotoTex is a special, tightly woven fabric with a unique, patented coating—perfect for printing rich, vibrant colored wall stickers. Its special adhesive backing holds firmly when applied to any clean, flat surface, and it will release cleanly, leaving no sticky residue or scarring.

The istickup™ Difference

PhotoTex is not paper and it is not vinyl. Paper-based wall stickers tear easily and do not recover from wrinkles or bends in the material. Vinyl wall stickers do not breathe, which makes them harder to install and more likely to damage your wall paint. The PhotoTex material used for istickup™s remains flexible year after year and is resistant to wrinkles and tears! In fact, a crumpled istickup™ can often be pulled out flat and smoothed back onto the wall with the wrinkles and bends disappearing entirely!

Simple to Apply

Applying an istickup™ couldn’t be easier—just peel and stick! Because most istickup™s are quite large, you will probably want a friend to help, but applying an istickup™ is as simple as removing it from its backing and smoothing it onto the surface. istickup™s wall stickers will stick to almost any surface, including textured walls, doors, wallpaper, glass, metal, painted brick, and cloth!

Made to Last!

istickup™s are the most durable wall stickers available on the market today. They can withstand most weather conditions (outdoor longevity varies based on weather conditions) and will not rip, wrinkle, shrink, stretch, or curl like other wall stickers. In addition, an istickup™ can easily be pulled open if it folds over during installation. These stickers are built to last—and will provide years and years of fun!