A Cool Party Trick for Summer!

Are you planning on throwing a party this summer for your little ones? If so, here is a kid-friendly, helium-free trick to get those must-have balloons blown up for your celebration.  This idea is also a really fun activity for your kids as they help you prep for the party. All you need is baking soda, vinegar, an empty 16.5 oz plastic bottle, two funnels, and balloons.

Now follow these simple steps: 

1) Start by filling your bottle up 1/3 of the way with vinegar using your funnel. 

2) Next, grab your dry funnel to pour baking soda into ½ of a balloon.

3) Without letting any of the baking soda spill into your water battle, cover the top of your bottle with the opening of the balloon. 

4) Once the balloon is on, lift it up to allow all of the baking soda to drop into the vinegar. As the mixture begins to fizzle, watch your balloon become inflated. 

Have your kids take the lead and inflate the rest of the balloons. As your kids are busy inflating balloons, you can begin pinning them up on the walls with streamers (note: they don't actually float!).

Party Balloon Wall Stickers

If you are planning a party inside to stay cool, we recommend decorating your walls with istickup™s “Party Time” wall stickers.  These colorful balloons go up quickly, come down when it's over, and be can be reused for your next summer bash!

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