Anna's Ocean Wall Decals Look Amazing in Her Nursery!

Nursery Ocean Wall Stickers and Decals

Anna Lynne of California (at 22 weeks pregnant above) designed a beautiful nursery for her daughter using the Ocean Life wall decals from istickup™.  "The sea critters are so engaging for her...she loves them," Anna says, "Best part is, we moved when she was almost 6 months old and easily removed the decals, took them with us, and decorated her new room the same way, helping her feel at home in our new place. I love these decals and I will be using them for years to come!"  

Wall Fish Decals in a Nursery

Her daughter also happens to be the most precious thing we've ever seen here at istickup™ :)  Thanks for the great photos Anna!  Your nursery room looks truly fantastic!

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