Back To School Fun with Classroom Wall Decals!

Shapes and Colors Classroom Wall Decals

School is about to begin again and, as a teacher, that means I need to start setting up my classroom! When designing my classroom, my goal is to make sure that my walls are both beautifully designed and promote successful learning. Every year I try to design my room in a way that leaves little work for me throughout the year. The only changes I will need to make are when I replace the variety of student work that goes up and comes down. 

Alphabet Wall Decals for Classrooms

Once I figure out which wall will be designated for reading, writing, and math, I start with my borders. Borders are just the type of thing that I can leave up all year long, so I need to use something durable that will last the ten months I teach and, hopefully, for many years to come. That’s why we designed our  istickup™ Alphabet wall stickers.  I use them across the front of my classroom so that they will be easy to reference during my reading instruction. 

Alphabet wall decals for classrooms

On my math wall, I use our istickup™ Shapes and Colors wall decals to border the larger space left open for my state standards and student work. This makes for a fun and colorful border that also reinforces colors, shapes, and their correlating words for my primary students. When my students are presented with the task of classifying shapes, I can direct their attention to my istickup™ shapes for guidance. My special needs students can even point to the one they are trying to identify. 

Alphabet wall stickers for classrooms

Every teacher wants his or her classroom to be fun and lively, yet maintain an instructional purpose in the design. The istickup™ classroom decals help to do just that! Welcome back to school teachers and students!

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