Mermaid Wall Decals for Carmen's Bedroom!

This weekend Kelly helped design Carmen's bedroom using the gigantic, colorful, and beautiful Mermaid Wall Stickers from™.  Over the course of an hour, Carmen's bedroom walls went from boring and blank to an undersea universe filled with fish, ocean life, and, of course, lots of cute mermaids!

Mermaid Wall Decals

We documented the wall sticker design project to show two things: 1) How absolutely easy it is to enhance your child's bedroom in a very short time and 2)To show how absolutely CUTE Kelly's niece Carmen is.

Carmen places Fish Wall Decal

Carmen quickly took charge of the wall decal design decisions...

Mermaid Wall Decals Design

But Kelly and Carmen still worked together as a team to get it done:)

Kelly places Mermaid Wall Decal

Kelly also explained the finer points of removing all air bubbles from the wall decals...

Carmen & Mermaid Wall Decals

...And in the end Carmen was very happy with the way it all turned out!

Mermaid Wall Decals - Before Picture

BEFORE Mermaid Wall Stickers.

Mermaid Wall Stickers Finished Room

AFTER Mermaid Wall Stickers!

To checkout the wall decals featured in the video just go HERE

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