PhotoTex is a revolutionary material that was designed to be ideal for wall decor.  


PhotoTex is not paper and it is not vinyl.

Paper-based wall stickers tear easily and do not recover from wrinkles or bends in the material.  Vinyl wall stickers do not breathe, which makes them more likely to damage your wall paint.  Vinyl will also stiffen over time, making it more brittle and less re-usable year after year.


PhotoTex is a tightly woven fabric that has a patented coating making it perfect for printing rich, vibrant colors.  It has a special kind of adhesive that will hold firmly to any flat surface but can be removed without damaging walls or leaving sticky residue.  PhotoTex is resistant to tearing--and if it gets wrinkled, it can be gently pulled back flat and smoothed to the wall, with most wrinkles disappearing entirely.

Because PhotoTex is a breathable fabric material, it is very gentle to your walls.  Its adhesive backing is designed to hold firmly when applied to virtually any clean, dry, flat surface, and it will release cleanly leaving no residue or scarring.  PhotoTex stickers can be removed and reapplied multiple times year after year.

It is really the perfect material for wall decor.

PhotoTex cleans easily.  Generally we recommend that you clean your PhotoTex wall stickers simply by dusting over them with a clean, dry cloth.  If your wall sticker requires additional cleaning, you can rub the material gently with a soft, damp towel.  Do not use any cleaning chemicals or abrasive materials on PhotoTex, as they can damage its special coating and the ink printed on your wall sticker.

PhotoTex is great for decorating any part of your home. It is the perfect material for doing seasonal decorations in your home as well as in preschools, schools, offices, and for advertising.  Any photo or logo you have can be printed in vivid, accurate colors on PhotoTex and precision die-cut to any shape. We know you will love this product.  If you have any other questions about PhotoTex or wall decor in general, please contact us at or call 1-877-300-1219.