Van's Outer Space Wall Sticker Awesomeness!

Van Tracy of Texas built an amazing out-of-this-world bedroom for his 5 year old son Zander using our Outer Space Wall Decals.  I asked him a few questions about his design to find out just how he made such an awesome room:

 Outer Space Wall Decals

What did the room look like before you turned it into an outer space theme?

The room was basically a large empty space. Tan walls, white ceiling.  When we originally moved into the house, Zander was only 2.5 years old. When he was three we made a half-hearted attempt to decorate it with a "CARS" theme, but the walls always seemed very bare. By the time Zander was turning five, he no longer fit in the small child's bed we had, and he had grown out of his "Cars" phase. For his 5th birthday we told him he could choose any type of theme he wanted for his room and we'd do it for him.  He went back & forth between a pirate theme and a space theme but ultimately decided on space.  We found a set of used bunk beds and I started trying to come up with a game plan.... 

Outer Space Wall Stickers for Kids


Was Zander happy with the end result?

Happy would be an understatement. I did the entire transformation over the course of a week while the rest of the family was out of town. When he came back, he went up to his room and saw one of the Space Shuttle stickers on the outside of the door to his room (which was closed). He was excited just about that cool space shuttle sticker, and thought that was the surprise. When he opened the door he was literally speechless for a minute as he soaked it in. Then it went something like... "DADDY!... oh my goodness... oh... " he then turned around and yelled for Mom downstairs and said "MOMMY!!! It's AMAZING! Come look at my room... Look what Daddy did... it's my VERY OWN space room! " :-) 

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How long did it take you to put up your outer space wall decals and finish the rest of the room?

Thank heavens (no pun intended) that the wall stickers were extraordinarily easy to get put up. The painting of the walls and ceiling, with stars, and the big space shuttle image was tedious and took a while, but once it came time to add the wall stickers I was thrilled to be putting on all those finishing touches without struggle. Putting the stickers on the wall portion was a breeze, and probably only took 5-10 minutes after planning out where things were going to be located. I put several stickers on the sloped portion of the ceiling as well. That was a bit trickier. One of the largest decals (Saturn) went up there, and if I had to do it again, I would have had someone else there to help with that. I still got it done, but trying to put something that big up on a 12 foot high ceiling by myself was tricky. From removal of the first sticker off the sheet to putting the last sticker up, I'd say it took me maybe 30-40 minutes (but 15 of those minutes was getting that gigantic Saturn up on the ceiling right). 

Outer Space wall stickers for kids


Do you have any tips for others on designing an imaginative room like this?

Get creative, and take risks. I never would have thought I could pull something like this off, but just decided I was going to try. Take advantage of tips, images, and products you can find online to make life easier. I found some pictures online that gave me a rough idea of what I wanted the room to look like, but then just sorta experimented from there. Using the stickers from™ was a wonderful way to really augment the painting I had done. Using your own creativity and artistry combined with the™ decals can really transform a room. While the stickers alone can certainly liven up a bedroom, supplementing with a little creative painting gives it a unique look. 

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  • Very cool! How did you do the painted background?

  • This is really awesome looking!!! What size stickers did you use? Trying to decide between the medium and gigantic ones for my sons room. Thanks!


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