Moving with istickup™: Update on Brian Peters' Beach Theme

The Peters family moved. What? People move? We love the new room and how she has grown!! The good news--istickup™ Wall Decals move anywhere. Because they're sturdy, don't rip or stretch, are repositionable, etc., take them down and attach to their backing, a mirror, glass, or anything non-fuzzy and take them along. They won't leave any gifts behind, either (read: no residue).

Brian gave us complete instructions for this room in a previous blog, which is similar to the Nursery he created. Check out the blog for the whole process of making this amazing room. 

One of the istickup™ team's family moved 11 times in 13 years. But back in the '90s. Would have loved having these stickers then. Guess that's why we do it. 

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